Mass. woman saves man from drowning on Cape Cod beach

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A 33-year-old Longmeadow woman is being praised for her bravery after saving a man from drowning, according to Barnstable police.

A woman on vacation in Barnstable saved a man’s life over the holiday weekend by pulling him to safety as he was drowning, police said.

On Friday, July 5, police responded to Dowses Beach in Barnstable’s Osterville village following a report of someone drowning, the department wrote. Officers found a 46-year-old man receiving medical attention from two other people.

Frances Lonergan, a resident of Longmeadow, Mass., was on the beach when she heard the man call for help, police said.

“Witnesses explained that Mrs. Lonergan’s heroic actions undoubtedly saved the swimmer’s life,” Barnstable police said in a statement posted to Facebook.

“Without hesitation, she jumped into the channel and began pulling the victim to safety. Another bystander, on vacation from New York, witnessed Mrs. Lonergan’s selfless act of courage and also jumped in to assist,” the department said.

The swimmer was conscious after being rescued but was brought to a hospital for more evaluation, according to police. He had been surprised by the beach’s sudden dropoff and swift current, they wrote.

Lonergan, 33, was there with her family and newborn baby, police said.

“We are extremely grateful for the bystanders who put their own safety at risk to save the life of a complete stranger. Your actions exemplify true bravery and compassion,” the department wrote.

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