You’ll be working out on this Catskills railroad

CATSKILLS, New York —Theres a destination thats really picking up steam in the Catskills — Rail Explorers.

The attraction’s division manager, Casey Farrell, describes the unique experience as “an ecotourism company that takes the magic and beauty of historic railroad tracks and combines it with low impact, exercise and outdoor immersion.”

The combination makes for a lot of outdoor fun without a lot of effort.

Guests are assigned a *railbike, then sent off on a two-and-a-half hour ride along the historic Esopus Creek.

Its Christine Tumbarello and Joey Grodzkis first time riding the rails in Phoenicia, New York.

Tumbarello says, “This is perfect. He loves the hike, and we love the outdoors. Get some leisure after a crazy week.”

Grodzki was surprised he was able to take it so easily, with an electric motor picking up the slack.

“It’s definitely not too bad. I thought it would be more actually when I saw it, but it’s kind of push off and you go!”

The smooth ride keeps the focus on the wildlife.

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