California reparations: State Assembly approves bill to formally apologize to Black Californians for discriminatory policies

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KGO) —California is moving closer to formally apologizing for slavery. The state assembly just approved a bill to apologize to Black Californians for the state’s role in instituting slave laws and discriminatory practices since its founding.

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Los Angeles Assemblymember Reggie Jones-Sawyer authored the bill, called AB 3089.

He’s calling the vote historic.

The measure now goes to the state senate.

The California Legislative Black Caucus introduced more than a dozen proposals in February, after a first-in-the nation reparations task force sent a report recommending how the state should apologize and offer redress to Black Californians.

Our ABC7 Originals Documentary: California’s Case for Reparations uplifts the stories of families who could be repaired by reparations, explores the groundbreaking work of the reparations task force, and examines the package of legislation being proposed, and if there is the political will to pass it.

VIDEO: What reparations could look like for Black Californians as task force prepares for final vote

Here’s what reparations would look like for Black Californians as the task force prepares for the final vote in Oakland Saturday.

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