dubai: Dubai police honours Indian boy for returning tourist’s lost watch, urges people to take inspiration from his honesty

In a heartwarming display of integrity, a young Indian boy in Dubai has been commended by the city’s police force for his commendable action. Muhammad Ayan Younis, accompanied by his father, stumbled upon a lost watch during a stroll and promptly returned it, earning accolades from the Dubai Tourist Police Department for his honesty and discernment.

The Dubai Police Department took to social media platform X to spotlight this exemplary act, affirming, “Dubai Police Honours Child for Honesty After Returning Tourist’s Lost Watch.” A snapshot shared alongside the announcement captures Brigadier Khalfan Obeid Al Jallaf, Director of the Tourist Police Department, along with his deputy, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Abdul Rahman, and Captain Shahab Al Saadi, Head of the Tourist Happiness Section, presenting young Muhammad Ayan Younis with a certificate of commendation. Additionally, a blog link detailing the incident was included in the post.

The recovered timepiece belonged to a tourist who inadvertently misplaced it during his visit to Dubai. Despite the tourist’s departure for his home country, the Dubai police diligently tracked him down and facilitated the reunion with his lost possession. Reflecting on the incident, the tourist expressed profound satisfaction with the security measures and integrity upheld in Dubai.

Brigadier Al Jallaf lauded Muhammad Ayan Younis for epitomizing the “high moral standards and security prevalent in the UAE,” urging others to draw inspiration from the young boy’s actions.

Utilizing the smart lost and found services offered at Smart Police Stations (SPS), Muhammad Ayan Younis efficiently returned the watch to the authorities, exemplifying a seamless method for owners to reclaim their lost belongings.

This heartening incident echoes a similar tale from last year, where a traveler lost a wallet containing $10,000 worth of US and European currency en route from Ben-Gurion International Airport to Tel Aviv’s Savidor Central Station in Israel. Despite initial concerns of permanent loss, the railway station promptly located and returned the wallet to its owner within a few hours, underscoring the power of honesty and efficient public services.

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