‘Dubai is not so hot or expensive’:Indian man debunks myths about UAE city known for luxurious lifestyle

What do you think about Dubai? Exotic? Hot?

Well, the mega-city of the UAE may not be what you think.

Recently, an Indian man took to social media to debunk many of the notions attached to Dubai.

Rohit Manchanda, who lives in Dubai, said that Dubai is not as hot as people think.

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“No, it’s not always scorching hot. June to September are the only “hot months” with temperatures up to 40°C. Other months, the weather is pretty favorable,” he wrote.

Manchanda said that, contrary to popular belief, alcohol is not banned in Dubai. “Non-Muslims are allowed to drink alcohol in licensed bars and restaurants. For personal consumption at home, all you need to do is apply for an alcohol license,” says Rohit.Dubai, he said, is also women-friendly. “The UAE has been keen on promoting gender equality. Women are now present in the workforce and enjoy the same legal rights as men,” his tweet read.According to Rohit, one does not need to learn Arabic to live in Dubai. “Arabic is not the only spoken language. English is widely spoken because there are many expats living in Dubai,” he said.

Debunking the rich tag attached to Dubai, he said, “Not every expat is living an ‘exotic’ lifestyle in Dubai. There are many expats working normal jobs in education, retail, and healthcare. And it’s possible to live a modest lifestyle here according to your income.”

Last but not least, Rohit added, “Dubai is a city, not a country. It’s a city based in the UAE.”

UAE is one of the favorite destinations for Indians planning to relocate to a different country. According to Wikipedia, over 3,860,000 Indians are living in the UAE, which is about 38 percent of the country’s population. Additionally, the UAE has the fourth largest number of Indians after the United States, Saudi Arabia, and Nepal.

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