Edelman, Gronk, Ernie Adams star in ‘Good Will Hunting’ Patriots parody


The star-studded cast also paid homage to another classic Boston film in an epic schedule-release video.

2024 Patriots schedule Good Jules Hunting video
Julian Edelman and Ernie Adams in the Patriots’ schedule release video, a takeoff on “Good Will Hunting.” Screenshot via Patriots

The Patriots’ 2024 schedule announcement was concurrently improved on Wednesday night with the release of an accompanying parody video featuring a plethora of notable New England football names.

Julian Edelman starred alongside former director of football research Ernie Adams in the tribute to “Good Will Hunting.” Robert Kraft, Rob Gronkowski, and new head coach Jerod Mayo also featured, with the team’s entire schedule teased throughout the parody.

Edelman and Adams played the classic roles portrayed in the actual 1997 film by Matt Damon and Robin Williams. The feature included multiple quotes from the original movie:

The video culminates with Edelman departing, as Damon did at the end of the actual film. Instead of leaving a note, the former Patriots wide receiver leaves the 2024 schedule (in a folder titled “Pink Stripes,” a reference to Adams).

“Son of a b****, the kid stole my line,” Adams says, an (almost) direct quote of Williams’s own line from the movie.

Other subtle messages and notes in the video include a “28-3” written on the board during Mayo’s presentation at the beginning (a scene that also contained a cameo from New England Revolution right back Brandon Bye), a Super Bowl ring, Edelman reading “Football Scouting Methods” (a book written by Steve Belichick Sr.), numerous pieces of classic Patriots gear, and of course, the ubiquitous presence of Dunkin.

At the end, Patriots players David Andrews, Kendrick Bourne, Demario Douglas, and Marcus Jones appeared in a reference to another local classic, “The Town.” They are humorously dismissed by the line, “Wrong movie, guys.”

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