Here’s where in Orange County homeless people were in 2024, compared to 5 years ago – Orange County Register

The 2024 point in time count sent hundreds of volunteers throughout the county over a three day period in January to make contact with homeless people. Each region of the county was swept twice.

More than 3,220 people were counted as homeless in north Orange County, with more than 1,600 living on the streets. More than 2,000 of the more than 3,400 people reported homeless in central Orange County didn’t have shelter, and 150 of the 641 homeless people contacted in south Orange County had shelter.

In total, including unincorporated county communities, 7,322 people were counted as being homeless in Orange County in 2024, up from 6,860 in 2019.

Here is the breakdown by city of how many homeless people were counted in 2024 and what was the percent change from 2019.

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