india pakistan: Security guard in Karachi shoots YouTuber for repeatedly asking questions about India vs Pakistan match

A tragic incident occurred in Karachi’s bustling mobile phone market on the eve of the highly anticipated India-Pakistan T20 World Cup match in New York. Saad Ahmed, a YouTuber, was fatally shot while filming a vlog. According to local media reports, Saad Ahmed visited the mobile market to interview shopkeepers, capturing their pre-match excitement. His attempt to interview a security guard turned fatal when the guard, agitated by the unsolicited filming, shot Saad. Despite immediate medical attention, Saad was declared dead upon arrival at the hospital.A friend of Saad, interviewed by GeoTV, mentioned that Saad was the sole breadwinner for his family. This tragic loss has left his family in deep distress.
In a gripping contest, India triumphed over Pakistan by six runs at the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium in New York. The match, filled with tension and excitement, contrasted starkly with the somber events in Karachi.

India’s seventh victory against Pakistan in ICC T20 World Cup history brought immense joy to Indian fans but was heartbreaking for Pakistani supporters, especially one fan who sold his tractor to watch his favorite players live.

Post-match celebrations outside Nassau County Stadium were vibrant, with Indian fans dancing to dhols and chanting “India India.” Amid the jubilation was a disheartened Pakistan fan who had sold his tractor to buy a $3,000 ticket, only to see his team lose.

Speaking to ANI, the fan said, “I sold my tractor to get a ticket worth 3000 USD. When we saw India’s score, we didn’t think we would lose. We thought it was achievable. The game was in our hands, but after Babar Azam got out, people were disheartened. I congratulate you all (Indian fans).”

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