Prop 1: California announces funding to be available for mental health solutions in July

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. (KGO) —Governor Gavin Newsom says solving the long-standing crisis involving mental health and homelessness deserves a sense of urgency and accountability.

During a visit to San Mateo County on Tuesday, he announced the state is holding up on their end of the accountability by fast-tracking funding to Prop 1.

The Behavioral Health System transformation proposition represents a commitment from state to expand services to help the most vulnerable and their families.

Similar resources offered at the Cordilleras Mental Health Center in Redwood City have made a major difference to one woman’s son.

“I wish every county had available for mentally-ill clients what this county has available,” Lee said.

Governor Gavin Newsom hopes that will be the case very soon.

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During a visit to the Mental Health Center Tuesday, Newsom saw the benefits Prop 1 can offer many more across the state.

In order to get that help to those who need it most, and curb the mental health and homelessness crisis, the state will be funding projects like this much sooner than originally thought.

“The two-year process, we’re collapsing. With this just-approved bond, the first $3.3 billion will be going out in July,” Newsom said.

Newsom says the state wants to approve funding requests fast because the crisis needs a sense of urgency.

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The Governor announced a new website as well:

It’s considered to be a one-stop source for people in need of support and information about the state’s behavioral health transformation.

Five years ago, Newsom says the state had no strategy to mental health.

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Now, with so much available to counties and cities, the Governor wants to see accountability and progress.

“It’s time to do your job, it’s time to get things done,” Newsom said. “You’ve asked for these reforms and we’ve provided them. Now it’s time to deliver.”

Newsom wants others to deliver like he says San Mateo County has.

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Already ahead of the curve when it comes to homelessness solutions and mental health resources, County Executive Mike Callagy says San Mateo will now become one of the first to get care court up and running by July 1.

It’s part of a commitment to reimagine how California handles the mental health system in.

“To the families with mental health issues, I want you to know: help is on the way,” Callagy said.

Governor Newsom hopes the commitment here accelerates efforts in other counties to get things done in order to help the most people.

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