Rookie defender Madison Curry making her way with Angel City FC

Angel City FC coach Becki Tweed started the scouting process on defender Madison Curry a couple of years ago.

“I actually watched her a few years ago (when Curry was) at Princeton, against TCU, she was playing against (current Angel City FC forward) Messiah (Bright),” Tweed said. “Probably three years ago in the Elite Eight in New Jersey. I watched her, and I was like, ‘This Madison Curry, I think she could have potential.’

“At that time, I was still in Jersey (as an assistant with Gotham FC), but I just kept her on my radar. Always as a coach, you have to have players that you’ve seen and try to follow for their college career. She’s somebody that we didn’t know where she was going to fall (in the draft) and if other people had her on their draft board, but she is someone that we were definitely interested in.”

Fast forward to the NWSL draft Jan. 12, when Curry, a three-time All-Ivy League selection, became a fourth-round draft pick of Angel City FC.

“I sort of anticipated if I was going to go (get drafted), I would go in the later rounds,” Curry said. “Based on coming from an Ivy League school, that’s just sort of something that I had prepared for. I just decided to stay at house with my friends and family, just in case that it didn’t happen, I wouldn’t be at the draft (in Anaheim).

“The first couple of rounds, it takes hours, it’s not a fast process by any means. I literally think I played so many board games, trying to entertain myself and keep the hope alive.”

As the draft progressed, the Angel City staff was trying to get in contact with Curry … and trying.

“Becki and the team tried to call me a few times and I didn’t have any of their phone numbers, so I thought it was just spam,” Curry said. “Then my college coach called me and he said. ‘Why aren’t you picking up the phone? Angel City is trying to draft you and they say they can’t get a hold of you.’ I obviously called them back and it was a surreal experience.”

Curry, who is from Coto de Caza and attended Santa Margarita High, ended up being selected with the 51st overall pick. Through the first seven games, she has more than held her own at the professional level. She has made six appearances this season, starting the past five games.

“My biggest attribute that I like to say about myself is that I hate losing,” Curry said. “I’ll really do anything I can to help the team win. Even if that’s not playing … during practice, I just try to give it my all every day to make everyone around me better and more prepared for the weekend.

“When that gets on the field, even if things go wrong, you always know that I’m going to give it my all and 100 percent of my effort. I have a lot of grit and that’s something I take a lot of pride in.”

Curry made her debut March 22 against Orlando in the second game of the season. She was in the starting lineup the next week, replacing M.A. Vignola.

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