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It was a mild and decent day before showers moved in. We’ll get a brief lull in the rain before more showers fill in again later tonight and periods of rain linger tomorrow.

We’ve monitored rain on radar this afternoon. You can see heavier precipitation down to our south indicated by the brighter colors. An area of low pressure is to our south and it will hang out there tomorrow before moving east by Friday.

Tonight into tomorrow morning, the heaviest rainfall amounts will be for Connecticut and Rhode Island. The HREF model below gives us a look at expected rainfall totals through tomorrow morning.

Here’s a look at the rain timing. Rain lifts south to north late tonight and overnight. Brighter colors below indicate the potential for downpours. Plan on a slow and soggy commute tomorrow morning. Scattered showers continue to pivot in through midday and the early afternoon. The rain winds down through the evening.

Tomorrow will be cooler than today (and especially a drop-off from yesterday!). Our highs were in the upper 60s/low 70s today. Tomorrow, showers, abundant cloud cover and an east/northeast breeze will keep temperatures in the upper 50s/near 60°. Ocean water temperatures are in the low 50s, so that wind coming in off the water will feel cool tomorrow!

Also tomorrow, our 8:00 pm sunsets are back! Our latest sunset is 8:25 pm starting on the first full day of summer on June 21st continuing through July 1st. Our last sunset in the 8:00 hour is on August 3rd.

After tomorrow, we trend drier! Partly cloudy and mild Friday. This weekend will be cooler and mostly cloudy. Back to the 70s next week!

-Meteorologist Melanie Black

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