What do we know so far about ‘Practical Magic 2′? Will Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman be in it?

Warner Bros has confirmed that a sequel to the 1998 moviePractical Magic is in the works. In a post on the social-media platform X today, the studio wrote: “It’s official! Practical Magic 2 is in development and coming soon.”

On TikTok, Warner Bros also shared a clip of a memorable Practical Magic scene in which characters drink margaritas and dance to the Harry Nilsson track “Coconut”, with the caption: “Me and the girls finding out that Practical Magic 2 is happening.”

Will Bullock and Kidman appear in Practical Magic 2?

Variety has reported that actors Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman, who starred in the original movie, are “in talks to return” to the cast for the follow-up.

Bullock and Kidman are reportedly expected to produce the new film alongside Denise Di Novi, who was the producer for Practical Magic. No director has been chosen for Practical Magic 2, Variety said, but Akiva Goldsman is to write the screenplay.

Earlier this year, Di Novi confirmed that plans had been shelved for a Practical Magic spin-off series on the streaming service Max, but seemingly teased today’s announcement of a sequel movie. “There is something else that’s going to happen that is still a secret,” Di Novi told UPI in February. “But, I think the fans are going to be thrilled.

What is Practical Magic about?

Based on the 1995 novel of the same name by Alice Hoffman, Practical Magic features Bullock and Kidman as the sisters Sally and Gillian Owens, two witches who are reluctant to embrace their magic powers.

However, they must harness their abilities to fight off the evil spirit of Gillian’s abusive boyfriend Jimmy Angelov (played by Goran Visnjic), whom Sally has murdered. The sisters must also break a family curse that condemns any man that falls in love with an Owens woman to end up dead.

Practical Magic – watch the trailer:

Practical Magic fails to cast spell on critics, but fans bewitched

Practical Magic, which took just under $47 million at the US box office, attracted largely negative reviews among the critics, with the Chicago Sun-Times’ Roger Ebert noting, for example: “The movie doesn’t seem sure what tone to adopt, veering uncertainly from horror to laughs to romance.”

Among film fans, though, the picture has acquired a cult following. On the review aggregation site Rotten Tomatoes, its 74% audience score far outstrips its 24% critics’ rating. “I can’t believe this has a low [critics] rating,” one Rotten Tomatoes user wrote, adding: “I watch this every year near Halloween.”

This film is an iconic fall watch!” another audience reviewer noted. “It’s funny, spooky, and an overall delightful rom com.” One user even went so far as to brand Practical Magic “the greatest witch movie of all time!”

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