FBI warns terrorist groups could target Pride Month events around country including San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) —It’s one of the most lively celebrations in the Bay Area. Every June, our region comes alive with the sights and sounds of Pride.

“We want to celebrate that people in San Francisco live authentic lives and that we can love who we love,” said Suzanne Ford, the executive director of San Francisco Pride.

Ahead of this year’s celebrations comes a new public service announcement from the FBI and Department of Homeland Security.

In it, a warning that foreign terrorist organizations like ISIS could target Pride events around the country.

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Cameron Polan works with the FBI’s branch here in San Francisco.

“The public service announcement is definitely something new this year,” Polan said.

The FBI says as of now, there are no immediate credible threats here in the Bay Area. However, they are advising people to take precautions.

Beyond the FBI’s warnings, San Francisco Pride executive director Suzanne Ford says sadly threats against Pride events are nothing new.

“Our organization for many, many years has worked with state, local, federal law enforcement agencies and other appropriate agencies to make sure our community’s safe,” Ford said.

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The FBI’s PSA has also gotten the attention of groups like Equality California.

The LGBTQ nonprofit says they want everyone to be comfortable celebrating Pride this year.

“Go with a friend, let people know you’re attending Pride, have a meet up spot, have an exit plan, know a check point around the area,” says Jorge Reyes Salinas.

Because with Pride kicking off in just a few weeks time, Ford says this year’s celebrations will be better than ever before.

“We’re going to come together, there’s going to be one million people out on Market Street, and we’re going to proclaim to the world that in San Francisco Pride is our community and that we’re going to be there,” Ford said.

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