Fernbank Museum welcomes new immersive mathematics exhibit

This summer, the Fernbank Museum invites guests to take part in their latest exhibit, “A Mirror Maze: Numbers in Nature.”

Opening on June 8, this interactive and immersive exhibit highlights four types of patterns found in the world: spirals, Voronoi patterns, fractals and the golden ratio. The highlight of the exhibit is a 1,700 sq. ft mirror maze reflecting fractal patterns — a phenomenon created by repeating a simple process over and over in an ongoing feedback loop.

The exhibit features a variety of hands-on and digital interactives, from a two-way mirror superimposition that demonstrates patterns on your body to a station that allows guests to compose a piece of music to explore symmetry. Artifacts in the exhibit include Bighorn sheep antlers, honeycomb and an aluminum anthill casting, demonstrating examples of patterns in objects from the natural world.

“By showcasing that fascinating numerical patterns are all around us, we hope kids and adults alike discover not only how math and other STEM elements are present in our daily lives but also how these natural occurrences can inspire exciting innovations in art, science and more,” said Dr. Olivia Castellini, Museum of Science + Industry, Chicago, who worked on designing and developing the exhibit.

“A Mirror Maze: Numbers in Nature” is open June 8 to Sept. 9, 2024. This exhibit will be included with general admission at Fernbank Museum. For more information, visit

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