Inside Out 2: Amy Poehler, Maya Hawke hit the purple carpet for Pixar film’s Hollywood premiere

LOS ANGELES —The El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood hosted the world premiere of “Inside Out 2” on Monday.

This one comes nine years after the release of the original film. That means the little girl in the first movie is now a teenager – so look out!

In “Inside Out 2,” Riley is growing up and that means new emotions enter the picture – emotions like anxiety.

“This is the easiest movie to talk about and promote,” said Amy Poehler, who voices Joy. “It’s Pixar. They’re geniuses. Everybody loves this movie. The first one won an Oscar, babe, and the second one’s just as good.”

Maya Hawke is new to the crew and lends her voice to the new emotion of anxiety.

“It’s hard to do a good sequel, and I think they crushed it,” Hawke said. “I love the original, and I don’t know if anything will ever compare to that for me, but this movie I think is amazing on its own.”

“As I was recording, I was entering adolescence at the same time. I was experiencing all these new emotions, anxiety, envy, ennui, embarrassment,” said Kensington Tallman, who voiced Riley. “And I was really trying to find the balance of joy and anxiety, which Riley was as well.”

“A teenager has all these feelings and problems and, you know, they’re dealing with so much. I can still remember that period in my life,” said June Squibb, the voice of Nostalgia.

“And good luck trying to leave with the kid because the kid will want to watch it again. It’s a remarkable work,” said Lewis Black, who voices Anger.

“Inside Out 2” officially opens in theaters on Friday, June 14.

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