P.K. Subban’s harsh take on Sam Bennett’s hit on Brad Marchand


“These things are going to happen.”

Sam Bennett hit Brad Marchand P.K. Subban comments
Brad Marchand down on the ice after the hit from Panthers’ Sam Bennett in Game 3. Matthew J Lee/Globe Staff

The Bruins’ season remains alive after the 2-1 win over the Panthers in Game 5 of the second-round series on Tuesday, though the status of Brad Marchand remains questionable after he was on the receiving end of a punch from Florida centerman Sam Bennett in Game 3 and has been out since with an upper-body injury.

The nature of Bennett’s hit on Marchand—that it appeared to be an intentional punch—has become one of several controversial flash points in the series (and isn’t the only one involving Bennett). Given Marchand’s role with Boston as captain and one of the team’s primary offensive weapons, his absence is a huge loss for the Bruins.

On the flip side, the lack of punishment for Bennett (who was neither fined nor suspended) was a glaring omission in the eyes of Boston. Bruins head coach Jim Montgomery said afterward that Bennett “knew what he was doing,” and that his actions were “outside the lines.”

Yet former NHL defenseman P.K. Subban, speaking on ESPN’s “Pardon the Interruption” on Tuesday, struck a very different tone.

“Brad Marchand, I’ve seen him get over on hundreds, maybe thousands of guys,” said Subban of the Bruins’ leader. “This was one moment where he was the hydrant, not the dog.

“Probably a long time coming for him but it’s unfortunate he got knocked out of the series,” Subban added. “That’s just the part of the game, though. That’s playoff hockey. These things are going to happen.”

Still, Bruins fans might contend that despite Marchand’s history, he’s consistently received punishments for his actions. The Bruins veteran has been suspended for a combined 29 games in his NHL career, accruing several other league fines in the process.

Subban, 35, last played in the NHL with the Devils in 2022 before announcing his retirement. Since then, he’s worked as a hockey analyst for ESPN.

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