Report: Suspect arrested in Gwinnett transit bus hijacking

Atlanta Police was involved in a high-speed chase on Interstate 85 after a Gwinnett County transit bus was allegedly hijacked Tuesday afternoon. A suspect has been arrested.

Police said the incident started at 45 Ivan Allen Jr. Blvd after a fight broke out, according to a report by WSB-TV.

Atlanta Police chased the bus north past Spaghetti Junction. When the bus turned off at Jimmy Carter Boulevard, officers threw spike strips that appeared to disable the bus tires, according to the report.

The bus was stopped in DeKalb County. The suspect has not yet been identified.

Rough Draft Publisher Keith Pepper witnessed part of the pursuit as he was driving on the Downtown Connector. He said he only saw Atlanta Police cars surrounding the bus.

“There was a single police car behind the bus when it got onto the Downtown Connector, and then by the time we got to Ga. 400, I could see probably four to six or seven police cars that were now sort of behind the bus and it was hard to tell if it was an escort or if they were chasing it,” Pepper said.

“It looked like there was a guy driving it wearing a yellow vest, and there was some guy standing up in the front of the bus,” he said. “The lights at the top were flashing, saying, ‘Emergency call police,’ but I wasn’t sure what was going on because the police were behind it, and it was hard to tell if it was an escort or if they were chasing it.”

Check back for updates.

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Dyana Bagby is a staff writer for Rough Draft Atlanta, Reporter Newspapers, and Atlanta Intown.
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