Uber announces Uber Shuttle, Uber Caregiver, Costco perks

CEO of Uber, Dara Khosrowshahi, speaks onstage during GE The Lean Mindset: The Pursuit Of Progress Event at Chelsea Industrial on September 06, 2023 in New York City.

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Uber on Wednesday announced several new product updates at the company’s annual Go-Get showcase in New York City that aim to help its customers save money on rides and food.

The product updates reflect Uber’s continued push to drive growth and demand across its mobility and delivery business segments. The new features could help the company attract more riders and users to its app.

Here are the key new offerings the company announced:

Uber Shuttle

Review trip screen for Uber Shuttle

Courtesy: Uber

Riders looking for a more affordable way to get to the airport, work and live events, such as sports games and concerts, can reserve seats on an Uber Shuttle.

Uber has partnered with local shuttle servicesthat will pick up riders and bring them to their destination. Uber said the shuttle services employ commercially licensed drivers, and users can tip and rate them directly within the Uber app.

The shuttles will have between 14 and 55 seats. Users can reserve up to five seats as early as seven days in advance, and they’ll receive a QR code ticket. Riders can track their shuttle’s location within 25 minutes of departure time.

The company said the shuttle will be a “fraction of the price” of a ride with UberX. The trip won’t be impacted by surge pricing.

Uber will start to roll out the feature at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium and at select concert venues in Chicago, Pittsburgh and Charlotte, N.C., this summer. Uber said it will expand the offering in the future.

Uber Caregiver

Caregivers can add loved ones, such as elderly family members, directly to their profiles starting this summer. This will allow caregivers to book rides for people they care for and order medical supplies and groceries on their behalf.

The feature will also allow for three-way chats between drivers, riders and caregivers.

Uber said the user’s insurance benefits can be applied when applicable to help minimize out-of-pocket costs. Uber Caregiver will initially support Medicaid recipients, customers who are 65 and older with Medicare Advantage, and customers with commercial insurance from their employers.

Caregivers can sign up to be notified when other insurance providers are added.

Costco on Uber Eats

Costco on Uber Eats

Courtesy: Uber

Uber said Costco will be available as an on-demand option within Uber Eats in select locations across the U.S. starting Wednesday.

Users can order products from Costco even if they are not members, but Uber said members will save between 15% and 20% compared with nonmembers.

Costco members can enter their member numbers in the Uber Eats app and are eligible for 20% off of Uber One, the company’s subscription membership.

Schedule UberX Share

Uber said it is launching a new feature on Wednesday that lets users schedule a shared ride in advance. The feature will save users around 25% on average compared with a typical ride on UberX, the company said.

Scheduled UberX Share rides are initially launching in cities with some of the highest return-to-office rates. This includes New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta and San Diego. Uber said more locations will follow.

Uber One for Students

Uber One for Students

Courtesy: Uber

Uber will offer its Uber One membership program at a discount for college students. The program normally costs $9.99 per month, but it will be available to students at $4.99 a month.

The company said students will also get access to free items and special deals, such as daily discounts on their orders from Taco Bell, Domino’s and Starbucks.

The Uber One Student Plan is launching in the U.S. in May. It will roll out in Canada, New Zealand and Australia in July, as well as in Japan and France in September.

Uber Eats Lists

Uber is introducing a new feature called “Lists” to Uber Eats that allows users to curate and share lists of restaurants and go-to spots. The company shared examples like “date night desserts” and “toddler-approved dinners.”

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